Edinburgh 2011 Tickets on Sale now!

Idiots of Ants: Model Citizens is a go.Yes that’s right! We are back once again in the city of contentious trams, consistant rains and fantastic festivals.

We have an all new show that answers all the big questions…

What’s small, pink and should never be juggled? If an air guitar falls over in a forest does it make a sound? And why is the Old West’s fiercest cowboy hearing voices in his head? It’s the only sketch show on the fringe performed entirely at gunpoint!

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One Response to “Edinburgh 2011 Tickets on Sale now!”

  1. Tim Mulviel on 6 August 2011, 10:37 am

    Thank you for a fantastic show last night and for nearly making me piss myself. You are all very professional and focussed performers except James who is a corpsing buffoon and must be sacked at once!

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