Unseen Ants

A choice selection of images from behind the scenes

Our first ever rehearsal - Jan 6th 2007

Our first ever show. Canal Cafe Theatre - Jan 21st, 2007

Filming our first Edinburgh Trailer. Clapham, March 2007

Edinburgh 2007

Edinburgh 2007

Jan 2008 and our biggest show to date in Oxford

Filming the 'Only Fools' sketch for E4 Funny Cut 2008

More E4 Funny Cut Action

The far sexier 2008 Edinburgh Trailer

Filming for BBC2 in 2008

Scarborough as part of our Northern Tour.

On tour in Leicester 2009

Green Screen Ants – Filming a sketch for BBC Online

Bubbling with Laughter gig, Montreal 2009

Publicity shot for Edinburgh 2009

Montreal Just for Laughs Festival 2009

Toilet Humor. Ant's poise for a Time Out shoot.

BBC Online. Diva Elliott argues with director Ben Taylor

Filming for BBC Online. Jim contemplates...

Edinburgh Festival AV Filming 2009. Andy is about to be covered in blood!

Don't look into the light!

Photoshoot for 2009 Edinburgh Poster

Massey Hall, Toronto. Just for Laugh Festival 2009

Idiots rehearsing in Montreal


3 Responses to “Unseen Ants”

  1. Lizzlie on 14 October 2010, 12:07 am

    Good to see Andy is holding a tube of Colgate there…
    Brilliant pics! Any more?

  2. Simon Jay on 13 November 2010, 3:42 pm

    delicious in every possible which way x

  3. Julie on 14 November 2010, 2:19 pm

    most excellent pics dudes! some of them are rather hot for a young girl to view. I had to fan myself with woman’s own magazine. x

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